Welcome to Zen Interiors™

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication  —  Leonardo da Vinci

Comfortable leather chairAt Zen Interiors™ we believe that simplicity is a design philosophy to live by. Eliminating complexities in your life and environment will lead to an efficient and stress-reducing lifestyle.

As we are oriented towards simplified designs, we rely on design elements such as form, shape, colour, texture and light to create a unique and noteworthy spaces. We strive to provide a holistic solution to your interior requirements, one that recognizes our intrinsic reliance on our environment and allowing you to express your personal passions and personality.

There is nothing that makes its way more directly to the soul than beauty  —  Joseph Addison

  Curtain Options

We have a passion for fabrics and nothing completes a room like the perfect curtains.

There are so many curtain header styles to choose — from traditional pleats to contemporary wave or eyelet headers — you are spoilt for choice. Rods, tracks, visible or invisible — every room has the perfect solution.

Eyelet curtain
Eyelet curtain
Pleated curtain
Pleated curtain
Triple pleat curtain
Triple pleat curtain
Wave curtain
Wave curtain

Adding all the various stunning fabric options, and you have a veritable kid-in-a-candy-shop experience.

  Soft Furnishing

And to finish off that perfect room, add a complementing cushion in matching fabric — just because you can.

...or contrasting colours? Whatever your heart desire!

  Our Philosophy

Lounger couch title=Our goal is to create the perfect Zen-space for you, something beautiful yet practical, that will enable you to enjoy your lifestyle and reflect your personal touch on your environment. We believe the key to achieve our goal is the magic called synergy - between us as the designers, you as the client, and our various suppliers.

When you believe a thing, believe it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably  —  Walt Disney

We supply the following textile brands:

U&G Fabrics
Stuart Graham Fabrics
Home Fabrics